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Property Management

All Landlords/Agents and Tenants must comply with the provisions of Residential and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 and Regulations 2009. The Act outlines the rights and responsibilities of Tenants, Landlords and Property Managers involved in residential renting in Queensland. It sets out what each party to a Tenancy Agreement 'can' and 'cannot' do, how to address issues that may arise during a Tenancy and explains what measures can be taken if one of the parties Breaches the provisions of the law. Only when AM Property Central has an Appointment to Act (Form 6) the responsibilities are then passed over to our Agency

Property Rentals

We understand that communication is the key to our relationship with you and whether it is "good" news or "bad" news we won't keep it from you! We keep you updated with progress and activity relating to your property and Tenants. Direct email access to your Property Manager is a quick and efficient option available to you.  AM Property Central offers a 24 hour service available to handle any emergencies promptly. We are different to other Agencies, and don't give empty promises. As everything is given to you in writing, AM Property Central is aware of the level of expectations each client has when managing your property.

Property Sales

At AM Property Central our agents must comply with a fiduciary obligation and must act honestly, fairly and professionally in the conduct of a Real Estate Agency practice. As Agents we never knowingly give a prospective Client an overestimate of the likely sale of your property. Preparation increases confidence and creditability. Once AM Property Central inspects the property to identify features and form market opinion our Agents opinion is then based on evidence of past sales, condition of property, current market conditions and supply and demand.

Commercial Leasing

At AM Property Central a well managed commercial or industrial real estate can preform extremely well. This can result in huge dividends over residential real estate, with less Tenant turnover and Tenancy problems. Often Tenants take minimum lease terms of three (3) years while residential Tenancies are often very short term which is costly as every time your property comes vacant there is a loss of rent and leasing Fees.

There is no difference in the management duties our Agency will preform: rent collection, maintenance, disputes and negotiations. We advise our Clients on acceptable Lease structures so that your investment not only retains its value but also has growth built in wherever possible.

Market Reports

The market report contains statistics and property market information you need to gain an understanding of what locations are likely to make a good investment. This report is essential reading for investors, market followers and Real Estate Agents.

Each quarterly report includes an overview of how the property market is faring in Australia. This will allow you to become an expert in understanding the current issues surrounding housing investment.

The report includes:

  • Introduction
  • Executive summary
  • Housing market overview
  • State by state analysis
  • Economic overview