General Information

AM Property Central Brochure

Why you should consider AM Property Central.

Smoke Alarm Solutions Services

Ensuring 100% smoke alarm compliance for your property.

Photoelectric Smoke Alarms

All homes in Queensland must have a working fire alarm. It’s the law.

BMT Tax Depreciation

Expression of interest for AM Property Central.

Tax Depreciation Schedule

Application Form for AM Property Central.

QLD Swimming Pools

New pool safety laws – does your swimming pool pass the test?

Know your Safety Switches

Electrical safety is something that you should never take for granted.

Landlord Resources

Pocket Guide to Rentals

Guide to marketing your property for lease.

Landlord Preferred Policy

Specialist protection for your rental income and property.

Water Consumption

What is the minimum criteria for water charging? Find out your rights as a landlord.

Fees and Charges

AM Property Central Commission, Fees, Charges & Expenses.

Proof of Ownership

AM Property Proof of Ownership Form.

Tenant Resources

Property Rental Application Form

All you need to know and provide as a tenant when applying for a rental property.

Tenants Responsibilities

A guide to a tenants responsibilities when renting.

Emergency Repairs

What constitutes an emergency repair.

Maintenance Request

Download the Tenants Maintenance Request Form.

Inspection Waiver

Applying for Property Sight Unseen.

Top Tips for Moving Out

A step by step guide to moving out.

Pet Application and Agreement

Pet Application and Agreement Form.